We live in a tiny land mass at the bottom of the world totally surrounded by water with Mountains on our west side and flat plains on our east side. This makes for very interesting weather developments. We have been known to have four seasons in one day. We do have some windy days but we have more outstandingly beautiful days so don't be put off by the wind or the weather, just be prepared.


  • Gumboots, Wellies, Wellington Boots:     Always pack your Gumboots no matter what season, if you are camping in Canterbury, you will probably get wet weather or heavy dew at some time. It is much easier to put on Gumboots and keep you PJ's dry when you go to the toilet in the middle of the night.


  • Tent Pegs:    If you have brought a new tent or you own a tent that has little thin pegs to hold it down, throw them away and get new ones about four sizes bigger. This may add a little to your price but will save having to buy a whole new tent next time the wind blows. If the pegs go into the ground really easily, they will come out really easily too!


  • Wind:     If you are caught in strong wind and you do not think your tent is going to handle it, don't try to pack it up, just drop it flat on the ground and put something heavy on top of it until the wind stops. Camp picnic table make good anchors! (Campers are usually good neighbours so go visit your neighbours or sit in the camp kitchen or other room that most holiday parks have available).


  • Adventure:     If your children get a little frightened by the wind or weather, try to make it an adventure, it is going to be a story you tell often and you want them to feel comfortable telling their side of it as well.


  • Rain:     If it rains, put your raincoats and gumboots on and get out there, the children don't care they love it. It never hurt a child to get dirty and wet, they will not melt!


  • Sandflies:    If you are near water, in the bush, on the coast you will get sandflies! They like warm moist conditions with no wind, so be prepared. Insect repellent and sunscreen are essentials when camping. (We sell only the best insect repellent in our shop).


  • Rivers:     River levels can rise very quickly and drop down almost as fast, do not camp close to a river. Do not attempt to cross or swim in a dirty river, you cannot tell how deep they are.


In Canterbury there is no such thing as a winter wardrobe or a summer wardrobe, pack for any eventuality, it can be 30 degrees one day and 15 degrees the next, or even that afternoon.